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How Do We Ensure Plantation Acres Stays Vibrant, Safe & Accessible?

Plantation Acres is not solely a rural community. It is a unique neighborhood with a variety of housing types and styles, with some having a rural character.

Plantation Acres is currently comprised of various residential zoning classifications – including ten (10) unit per acre parcels, three (3), two (2), and one (1) unit per acre lots, as well as high-intensity community uses – schools, day care facilities, churches and synagogues.

The area is experiencing problems with poor drainage in certain locations and there are serious environmental and health concerns surrounding the long-term use of septic tanks instead of sanitary sewer infrastructure. Groundwater quality is a real concern because of flooding combined with aging septic systems throughout Plantation Acres. Reflections in the Acres addresses these concerns by incorporating a new drainage lake and widened canals to provide improved drainage and waterfront views, not only for Reflections but also for the surrounding properties. The development of Reflections also includes a plan to bring a new sanitary sewer system across Broward Boulevard into the Central Acres, at the Developer’s sole cost.

Why is this even a question? 

The Reflections development will provide substantial benefits to the city and the residents of Plantation. The Plantation City Council should approve the best project for all of Plantation residents, not just a few well connected Acres insiders.


Reflections will expand Plantation’s modern, energy efficient housing stock at a critical time, while helping to keep all our lakes and waterways clean with new sewers and drainage basins.

Quality of Life

Increased buffering and setbacks on a low-density, single family plan serve to improve the quality of life for Plantation residents, and act as a natural transition from the high-intensity community uses along Broward Blvd.

Perks for Plantation Residents

Millions in new taxable value, needed drainage and flood protection at no cost to the taxpayer, a new sewer line being brought north of Broward Blvd, and a New Lift Station...all at the Developer’s sole cost.

We Want to Hear from You!

Add my name to the list of residents who want the City to work with the owners of the Reflections and approve the best project for all of Plantation residents.

I want the city to SUPPORT the proposed plan that compliments our current neighborhoods with a modern, single-family layout, and enhances our quality of life with drainage basins and lakes to help with flooding in Plantation Acres.